Gratitude-November (30)


-Moonlight. The beauty that this film is. I haven’t seen it since I saw it in the theater. Felt like watching it this morning. When I watched it the first time I was ii. Chiron. Now I’m also iii. Black.

-Endings/beginnings. In the midst of letting someone/something go that felt like a good thing and was a good thing but now it’s a no thing. Sometimes potential good things become temporary sad things.

-Tears. The slow constant silent warm ones.

-Pooh bear, soft blankets, quiet.

-A friend sending me a message this morning saying “You are SO loved. Let me know if you’re free anytime next week.”

-Reading it at the exact same time the person I’m letting go of is messaging me. Decided to do this gratitude entry right then. Before checking those messages (autocorrect changed it to “mess”. Haha Oh lawd!) that were originally going to be a call, set up last night for 11a. 30 min ago.

-Reminder and reinforcement of letting go, staying open, harmonious relationships of giving and receiving, fellowship, success, the constant flow of yin-yang, the circle of life. No endings without new beginnings.

-Clear intent. Clear intentional communication.

-My sweet, beautiful, brave, heart.

-Folks doing what’s right for themselves. There are no wrong choices. Just choices.

-The promise of a long nap after this.


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