About Me

My name is Evan Zarius (E-ven ZUH-ry-us)

I am someone who believes storymaking is one of the most revolutionary, life affirming activities on the planet. Love making, cultivating and nurturing friendships, being nice to little kids and old people, smiling at someone/returning a smile, and some more stuff, are others.

To say that I love music is an understatement. I think. I love my mind. I read. I love learning. I love.

I believe in the unity of soul, mind, body.

I am a mid-spring baby born in the Year of the Earth Horse. I started “T” in late spring in the Year of the Earth Ox.

I am here to aid in creating a better world society for us now and in future.

My philosophy is: love regardless

I identify with the words, agender, bisexual, non-binary trans, trans-masc, philosophical polyamory.

American of African descent.

Human Being.

Citizen of This World.


Immortal soul of love and light: Osananda Sharih









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