Everything Fits

I’ve received an entirely new wardrobe this week.  A friend was moving across the country and was cleaning out her closet. My good fortune is that we ended up wearing the same clothes size. I don’t think anyone would think so if they saw us standing side by side but.. everything fits. I’ve kept about 80% of the clothes and yesterday she gave me a few pair of shoes. They fit too!

What’s trippy cool about this experience is the timing. I wasn’t feeling good about myself or how I looked because my shoes were worn down and getting holes in them 😦 and my clothes were hanging off of me. They didn’t fit me physically or where I am in my life. Most of my clothes were college t-shirts that I’d collected and worn like a uniform while in school. It’s now been over a year since I’ve been a student. I’m in a different city, with a different life, with a different body.

It feels good right awesome to put on these new-to-me garments and feel like a newish me. I feel more secure, comfortable, safe.  Perhaps because they come from someone I love and trust. I feel her good energy on them.  Another super bonus is that I didn’t have to go shopping! haha The clothes were delivered to me. I just had to try them on and decide which to donate and which to keep. Everything is comfy. Essentially because they are good quality and they’ve been “broken in.” I was thinking yesterday that I’ll most likely never have an experience like this again. The unexpected generosity. The abundance of it all. A tiny bit overwhelming but all around wonderful.