Gratitude-November (19)


-Testosterone. Today was shot day! Over 9 years and I’m still so grateful for HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

-Ao3 (Archive of Our Own) and all the fan fiction writers who give their time, words, imaginations, stories, to us. My life would be..I don’t even know what it would be like without them. I don’t want to know. My main ships:  Supercorp/Kara&Lena, Clexa/Clarke&Lexa, Agentcorp/Alex&Lena, SwanQueen/Emma&Regina.

-My Kindle Voyage which I use mainly to read all the fics.

-Doctor Who. I’m loving the 11th series. I’m almost caught up. Even though I haven’t caught up yet, I rewatched 11×02 today. I enjoyed it even more than the first time. I like how many questions the 13th asks. Maybe it’s always been this way but I notice it more with Jodie Whittaker for some reason. I think of myself as a kid, always asking questions. I still do. All the time. Just not aloud.

-Family and Friends.

-Unexpected creativity.

Sam-November 2018

I walked Sampson today.

He got a new collar for his birthday last month. I took a pic of him on the walk today and zoomed in on his collar.

Leash Ribbon_OGLayout_1_11.19.18

Later, I started playing with the image and this is one of the pictures I created.

Recently I’ve been wanting to replace the main icon image for this blog. It’s been the same for nearly 9 years. I found it in a random search.

original_blog icon_stock image

I love the imagery of water fire. Feeling Passion.

Now I’ve made an original, I’m feeling much better. I’m pleased with it and pleased with myself.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (14)

-For Jessica. Great visit. Perfect mediator. Lovingly effortlessly holding space. Friendship.
-For Moon. Clearing the air more. Understanding.

-For myself for being a good communicator. For passing through my frustration and tears, and in the release, feeling peace. Like complete peace through my body/energy field. Lovely. I had realizations about why I was hit by that car. I’ve been asking and asking why? It was definitely about slowing down. To be mindful. To be careful with my steps. To look around. To appreciate my health. The body. Time. Healing. Today though, today I had the realization that it’s changed my life and day to day for a reason. It was like a reset/update.
Even though I felt like things were improving in my life, (they were), some of my patterns of living weren’t serving me any longer. Because I immediately wanted to get better/heal as fast as possible, I started eating better. Asking my body what it needed. Paying attention to how I felt after I ate. Drinking more water, eating vegetables daily, no more dairy, cut back on sugar. A couple of weeks ago I stopped eating candy, donuts. I stopped eating chocolate. I still have a sweet tooth so I did buy a small sock-it-to-me cake but I ate it over the course of days not in a single night. Today I got these cinnamon sliced loaf cakes. But again, I didn’t eat them all. This week I’ll be prioritizing water intake/hydration. But yeh. I can see clearly how much diet has changed because I wanted to heal and be able to walk around, hike down the trail at the Observatory, and just wander around. So what I’m thinking is that it’s not the time to wander so much. It’s time to sit down, be mindful, and do the work I know to do to better my life/life situation. So yeh, I’m thankful for the insight and the review of recent events.

-For art. Practicing art.
-For a roof over my head.
-For letting go of past attitudes and experiences that don’t serve anything anymore. Just letting things go, you know?
-For Tani for helping me see more clearly. My vision is like new. Fresh eyes.
-For Jess for making “I love you” so easy to express verbally. I’m much happier for it.
-Archive of Our Own and all the writers who contribute.
-Life itself. Now.


For those in need.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


I Read Millions of Words in 2016

I’m not counting internet articles, blogs, status updates, assigned school readings, etc. I listened to maybe 10 books on mp3, cd, my ipod.. but I don’t think I physically read one fiction book. I know for sure I didn’t buy one.

Goodreads has asked me to challenge myself and read more books.


Last year I pledged to read 40 books. I thought if I didn’t have time during the school year, I’d read during school breaks. optimistic and naive. This year, to be realistic I pledged 1. I’ll try to read 1 published book. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make this goal even if I wait until the last day of the year.

BUT my main reason for writing this is, I wish we had something like Goodreads for FanFiction because I read millions of words in 2016. I read tens of thousands of pages. This year, the first 5 days of 2017, I’ve already read a long novel’s length. In one series, I’m at a little over 81,000 words (approx 300 pages) and I’ve read at least 6 one-shots ranging from 1000k-4000k. My point, is that I read loads but I’m not getting credit for it. I know..I Know.. boo fucking hoo hoo sob cry tear. But it bothers me.
I read most of my ff on and Ao3 and we can favorite, give kudos, likes, bookmark, leave comments, and there are forums (though I’ve never participated) but recently I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have something like Goodreads for FanFiction?! I think so. And I’m seriously thinking about learning more about how to code so I can help make it happen.

I consume a lot of fanfic and I love writers and artists who create fanfiction and fan art. If you’re interested in supporting creative people/artists, please consider being a patron. Patreon is a cool site/way to do so.

Thanks for reading 🙂