Gratitude-May (17) 💝✌🏾💞∞

-For being born. For living.  For endurance. For faith. For my intuition. For my angels, guides, star families. For my ancestors, my friends and family. For earth and the blessing it is to be here. For myself who I’ve always been.

-For the finishing of the first draft of a book I’ve been writing 🙌🏾

-For my readers: Heart to Hearts, I appreciate you all more than words can convey. Thank you for supporting the blog. Your likes, shares, comments, messages, and subscriptions mean the world 💞

Today marks 40+1 years complete. I am grateful to everyone who has shown me love and kindness. I am thankful for having a roof over my head and a full stomach. I am thankful for medicine. I am thankful for the people who work directly with the public. Thank you for your public service. I am thankful for my online communities and the many people I have the good fortune to interact with from all over the world. Thankful every day for social media and technology, allowing us to connect with one another.

I am thankful.

Most definitely looking forward to this new time in life.
Happy New Year to me and all Taurus born and May born babes!
Happy (Fri)day to all reading these words. May your day(s) be abundant with love, laughter, joy, kindness.

Ta, loves.

endojé-love unite(s) us


The Gifts of Heart-Love, Clarity, Self Trust

My heart just opened up more. I just felt this release/acknowledgment of just HOW MUCH I had given my power away. The power over my thoughts of myself and what I should do, in life, in vocation, in love. These internalized thoughts and judgments at some points heavily guided my steps and actions.

I’ve been exploring this issue devotedly the past couple of years but this year, the past 6-8 weeks in particular, I’ve gained more clarity and self-trust, which are some of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I am very fortunate.

Ultimately, this is about self-love, which closely relates to unconditional love, which for me is the path I chose in my early 20s, the exploration of Agape Love.

I’ve lived an INCREDIBLE LIFE.

The heart opening up just now started with a terrible ache that made me tear up for myself. Myself from approximately 4 weeks until birth, to the person I am today, of approximately 40 years 364 days.

From survival, pain, confusion, fear, to absolute inner security has been a beautiful thing to experience and witness. This nownext phase is 🥰😮🎊💝 🌈🙌🏾 Any new way,
Happy Birthday Eve, to me 💜
Happy Thursday evening to All 🌈💞