Lawless and Uncivilized

It’s over. It’s been over. During the last week of January 2017 it became clear that we are a lawless nation. Law is a wispy ghost. So..maybe not over completely but hanging by a thin, near invisible thread, alive in the imagination of our collective.

We are not all equal under the law. This we know. Our Commander in Chief(45) has broken laws. The list is long. Will he and his administration be held accountable? We know many of us will pay with our lives.
I’ve said this before: Some of us live in a police state. This has been true for years. And this way of life has affected my mind. Which is understandable. But to pretend that things happening in our country (the U.S.) are not as dire as they are is a state of mind that I can barely fathom.
I am not numb, nor do I feel indifferent. I truly feel a will and need to keep living, to keep moving forward. Survivors survive.

I have chosen to keep creating (art). To keep learning. To put as much joy and goodness in the world as possible. To walk the earth spreading love and light. Period. Recently, it’s been challenging. But we all have our parts. I am grateful for mine.
At the same time, I do feel resigned. I feel sad and mad for the people who think they are safe and that this won’t touch them directly. At times I feel anguish for their (unconscious) anguish. I know they are afraid because I feel it. I know it because they reek of it. I know it because I see it. I am familiar with fear. I grew up with fear. We were introduced in my mother’s womb. I know fear by heart.
I feel for us who have been and will be betrayed. In times like these, this is what people do, for their “safety”, for food, for medicine, for shelter. Human beings being human. People, people you know, maybe you, will literally lose their minds and some of us will remind one another that losing your mind is not the worst thing that can happen. We will be reminded that we can live through this and rebuild. Yes we can. It may take time. Creation does.
I feel hopeful we will create a civilization worthy of the word.
Humane and just.

Murdered Black Youth/Black Men

This is about how POLICE ARE MURDERING BLACK YOUTH/BLACK MEN at an alarming rate and getting away with it. I’ve been private messaging with some friends and acquaintances today and this is some of what I’ve said:

I am aware that not all police do this.  I am aware that police brutality and violence happens to people who are not black. I am aware that people are murdered every day all over the world and that #alllivesmatter. I am being specific today.
Highlighting #blacklivesmatter does not mean that all lives don’t matter. (REPEAT)
If I break my arm, I’m not saying that your broken leg does not hurt as much my broken arm, or is in less need of care or doesn’t need a cast or whatever.

I’m going to try another analogy. Let’s say we go to a Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser and when we begin talking about Breast Cancer some people get up and say, “Hey, all cancer matters!” “We should be talking about ALL Cancer.” “This research and these funds should go to all Cancer.” Well, of course all cancer matters. You know this. I know this. You also know that many cancers have different rates of progression, some ravage you in a short time period, some are silent killers, some can be operated upon, some affect some genders or ethnic groups more than others and so on..Breast Cancer falls under the big umbrella of Cancer. The gala/fundraiser that we are attending together though is focusing on Breast Cancer. You understand that, right? Black Lives fall under the category of All Lives. It seems to me that black lives may not be seen with the same value as all lives. That’s the issue.

At this time I am saying that people who look like me, my nephew, my dad, my brother, my cousins, my Uncles, just because they look like me they 1) are being murdered under a system that is sanctioned by the state and 2) the people who are responsible are not being held accountable by the law.

Those of you who know me, if I had my spine severed or was shot up because I was  I was walking 3 blocks from the store and it was robbed and..?? You know what I’m saying, right? Walking while black. Breathing while black.  I wouldn’t expect you to burn shit down or loot but if you did…And if you were angry and devastated and sickened by what had happened I’d hope you’d do something. Very few people are rioting or looting. The media is skewed and showing you what they want to show you. You know this, right?!!

More people are demonstrating, protesting, cleaning up, stopping people from attacking police, stopping people from vandalizing stores, than we are being shown. And yes, some innocent people have been hurt. Innocent people have always been hurt in every revolution, rebellion, or war and you know this! Ya’ll remember how the U.S. came to be? The genocide of the people who were here already. The American Revolution.  Ya’ll remember how my ancestors in this country got free? This land is soaked in blood.

I am not advocating violence. I am also not advocating for a peaceful turn the other cheek mentality. I do not have answers for what to do next.

The last thing I’ll say is, during the past few years that these types of events have been in the news I haven’t heard of any bystanders being shot up or testicles being ruptured or backs being broken but EVERY one of these social justice events has stemmed from a black boy or man being brutalized or murdered.  That’s the Truth.