No Power Art-8.21-23.19

Some recent pieces.

Crayons. Digital Art via iPad apps, Sketches and ShadowDraw. Graphite pencil in sketchbook.

Day 2 with no electricity. (Left) Crayon #1 made in the dark, randomly picking 2 colors. (Right) Crayon #2 made while using a flashlight for illumination.

Crayon #2-Classic B&W filter

Crayon #2 Original

Sketch #1-Sketches App

Sketch #2-Sketches App

Playing/Practicing with ShadowDraw App on iPad

3 from my sketchbook (55s)

Gratitude-November (8)

-For crayons, coloring, and creation.
-For seeking fairness and balance in a relationship extending to all aspects of my life.
-For the awareness of the need to release expectations in regards to myself.
-For recognition of high standards I set for myself and how that bleeds into other aspects and relationships in my life.
-For correction and admitting mistakes.
-For the piano.
-For letting all that doesn’t serve my highest good go.
-For choosing love and allowing the energy and flow of love to be a measurement for the decisions I make here on out.
-For accepting that I’ll slip up but ultimately choose love again and again and again..
-For J. For Moon, for insight/friendship.
-For T for lessons learned.
-For good food choices today.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂