Gratitude-August (9)


-for my Baby Taylor and myself for practicing

-for food options

-For daylight. I’m usually a night time person but the last couple of days I’ve been out for a couple hours with the sun and it’s been good.

-For intuition and doubt. Learning discernment.

-For doing things I’m afraid of with no idea how they’ll turn out.

-For my roommate. It’s changed for the better. Hi, how are you? How was your day? Got any plans? This is enough for me. A “little” goes a long way. I’m very easily pacified. For as long as I remember it’s been this way. I’m fortunate ☺️

-For sorting through my contact lists on google and ios, organizing, deleting, merging. Cut by almost half!

-For spontaneity and the easiness with a newish friend

-For my knee brace which has made a huge difference in my life

-For tiredness and hunger. I’m never really hungry and tiredness doesn’t usually mean sleep. So my body may be in a new phase now. I’m the smallest I’ve been in 10 years easily. Less than 28 (men size) Less than 2 women (size) I say it that way because the smallest stuff I have are labeled with those sizes and they are loose, and my belt has been adjusted.

-For my queer life 🥰🌈💛💞🤙🏾🙌🏾🦋😎😁

Gratitude-October (30)

-For Moon and Hrant for the job prospect
-For T. for surprising me and making my day better
-myself for being myself
-For friends who help me in so many ways. I’m very fortunate.
-For progress and being able to recognize it. Little by little every day bears fruit
-For balance and harmony within
-For spiritual practice and the discipline garnered from showing up and doing the work and applying what I’ve learned and know in real-world scenarios
-For choosing love when I was about to spiral into a temper
-For hope and building a strong supportive foundation. Financial independence and abundance in all ways, the calling answered.
-For discernment. Knowing what to give time/attention/energy to.
-For moving forward and having a beautiful internal knowingness regardless of what it looks like on the surface/externally.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (8)

For a talk with my Aunt (who is healing well from a car accident from mid summer) that led to me really standing in my integrity as far as family situations and gatherings go.

Thanks to T. for being someone I feel like I can share the hard stuff with. Whose been a true friend in the last couple of days, helping me see situations and people in my life more clearly. I’m grateful for her every day.

Self love.Me_Collage_Bathroom_Curtain_10.08.18

Doing what I need to do first. ex. shower, self massage, meditate, before I do other things, like check social media or do something for someone else that “appears” to be more important.  It’s cool to actually be living it! Intuition is strong and developing. Learning to trust my gut (the 2nd brain) to guide me. I’m in a space like

Oprah Listening_SoWhatIsTheTruth

So what is the truth?

Being able to prepare my own meals and nurture myself in this way

For meeting goals AND allowing the day to unfold as is. Going with the flow.

Thank you Taurus Soulmate (Ray of Light Tarot) reading. Great energy! 

For the abundance of fanfiction in my life. I love every single writer who tries/publishes. Thank you all.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂