Gratitude-October (18)


-For myself for being myself. For the joy, wonder, pleasure of being me.

-For all the incredible women I’ve met during these past 2 days. For all the generous, intelligent, insightful, hopeful folks doing challenging work, that requires diligence, imagination, patience, fire (passion), heart. May love continue to guide our ways.

-For Moon for giving me a ride to and from. Skirball today. Saved me 3-4 hrs and 4 busses in time and effort today.

-For education. For all I’ve learned. For connections and new ideas.

-For this time when we are shaping our culture with intentions to value all life on our planet.

-For focus

-For boldness

-For integrity

-For a hand up instead of a handout.

-For t-b-a.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (17)

-For all that I learned today. Especially about the cannabis industry. I’ll go more into this another day when I have more brain power. It’s been a long day. Awesome and long. Day 2 is finished.
-For the people I connected with. Lawyers, Scientists, Filmmakers, Community activists, Digital Media makers, Journalists, Advocates, Doctors, Veterans, and so many entrepreneurs! I am going to create a media company someday. Today shows me more than
I am thankful and privileged to even be in this space. Grateful for Karene and Amanda for hooking me up.
-For the bus tokens that I found when I took out the trash a few weeks ago. They’ve come in handy this week. The trip to Skirball is average 90 min of travel. 2 buses. I use only one token and use my TapCard to get a transfer. So instead of the 4 tokens I thought I’d use in a day, I’ve only had to use 1 each way.
-For myself for being bold and talking to people about lgbtq media and why representation is needed. The #1 reason is that it saves lives. Every piece of queer media saves lives.
-For 150 consecutive days of meditation. I rock.
-For allyship
-For community
-For the gifts Felicia gave me.
-For a roof over my head, a comfy place to rest my head, and food to eat.
-For t-b-a ❤

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂