Gratitude-August (9)


-for my Baby Taylor and myself for practicing

-for food options

-For daylight. I’m usually a night time person but the last couple of days I’ve been out for a couple hours with the sun and it’s been good.

-For intuition and doubt. Learning discernment.

-For doing things I’m afraid of with no idea how they’ll turn out.

-For my roommate. It’s changed for the better. Hi, how are you? How was your day? Got any plans? This is enough for me. A “little” goes a long way. I’m very easily pacified. For as long as I remember it’s been this way. I’m fortunate ☺️

-For sorting through my contact lists on google and ios, organizing, deleting, merging. Cut by almost half!

-For spontaneity and the easiness with a newish friend

-For my knee brace which has made a huge difference in my life

-For tiredness and hunger. I’m never really hungry and tiredness doesn’t usually mean sleep. So my body may be in a new phase now. I’m the smallest I’ve been in 10 years easily. Less than 28 (men size) Less than 2 women (size) I say it that way because the smallest stuff I have are labeled with those sizes and they are loose, and my belt has been adjusted.

-For my queer life 🥰🌈💛💞🤙🏾🙌🏾🦋😎😁

Gratitude-November (3)

-sweet potato pie and chicken sausage
-aloneness. When I thought and wrote the word I thought of it as acceptance of the lone state of existence. Like everyone is alone but we are alone together. Then I did a search and this came up. I really dig it. I think about love all the time. Love is my favorite topic. 1st Corinthians 13 is one of my favorite parts of a book ever.
-for free association drawing and writing
-T (shot) and T. the person.
-catching up with a couple of folk via chat
-my aunt and her laughter. Her laugh is one of my most favorite sounds on the planet.
-myself for being my self. I’m so funny and so serious/unsubtle, sometimes clueless but always honest. As honest with others as I am with myself that is. Sometimes there’s a delay. Honoring where I’m at. Releasing the impossibly high standards I’ve set for myself. Being more realistic. Realizing I didn’t have to take my chemicals seriously today. Just being aware was/is enough. Setting boundaries. The ability to communicate my thoughts, feelings, ideas. Self-acceptance.
-Crystal’s Bluetooth working again.
-the sound of Danny’s shoot em up video game. It’s perfect background noise today.
-my ipad min 4 and kindle voyager. So grateful to have both.
-oils. Jojoba and Coconut
-imessage and chomp texting app
-youtube videos for tarot and astrology. In particular today, the timeless readings.
-feeling safe, loved, and an overall sense of well being.


Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-November (2)

-For music. The Piano Ballads list on Spotify has been keeping me good company the past 2 hours or so. Adele is singing about Tables Turning. She’s so good at what she does. Geez.
-Past ideas. I was looking at some of my older work, ideas for things, notes, and drafts of poems from the past 18months or so. I really need to check up on my notes and audio recordings more often. I’m thinking every 6 months. Which is good because 6 months from now it’ll be May and I’m a proud May born Taurus. So yeh..good idea. I’m going to mark my calendar. *Done*
-Moon and The Sampson
-Groceries. Especially Spinach and Sweet Potato Pie. I’ve been wanting both for a few days now.
-Writing. I wrote for a couple of hours earlier this afternoon. Just the fact that I did it is enough to make me happy.
-All the tools available to study astrology. There’s so much information on the internet for free. I remember 15-20 years ago going to bookstores–many bookstores–to find what I needed/was interested in. Now it’s as simple as typing in a search box.
-The Queerios
-The amazingness of being a queerdo in this world. I had a super gay moment today. I was listening to this woman sing a song about the best someone ever had or something like that. And she said something like I know she’s not as good as me, you know..something along those lines. And I straight up (hahaha) assumed she meant her ex-girlfriend would miss her because she was the best she’d ever had. It took me a minute, I think a WHOLE minute, before I realized she was probably talking about some dude. So yeh, I’m pretty damn gay/queer oriented. The singer’s name is Nina Nesbitt. The song is called The Best You Had (Explicit version)

-Being warm. I was out and about in my shorts with no jacket or beanie and I was soooo cold. Now I’m back at the apartment I’m warming up.
-For T. who fills my thoughts and expands what I know and understand of love.
-For the camera on my old phone

I usually wouldn’t do a grateful not..but..


I am grateful not to have a period anymore.

My friend needed me to go to the store to get tampons and I’m sure glad I was buying them for her not me.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-November (1)

-Divine Love, Divine Trust, Divine Justice
-My phone. Thanks J. Texting T.
-Sudden insight
-Graciousness. My name’s sake.
-Musicals. I will write at least one.
-Spotify generated playlists
-CosmicMoonChild Tarot1111
-Art practice
-Starting 2 things I’ve been putting off for months. Since summer y’all! Since summer. But today I started them and I feel very good about that.
-Productivity. Revision and Summary
-Focus and Concentration
-Wandering nature. Wandering spirit.
-Junk food. Giving into cravings. Chips, chocolate cake, brownies. I have had a little of each. [I’m going to get a Dr Pepper soon. I have cucumbers in the fridge seasoned with Tajin that I’ll have later with Vegan Blue Cheese dressing..if I want. I’ve drank a lot of water today but tonight the cravings were for crunchy salty soft sugary chocolate, and caffeine.]
-Love. I’m learning so much right now about love. How to love someone specifically. How to better love myself. They teach me that. I am fortunate to be growing this way with such a beautiful soul.
-Friendship. Grateful for my friends. Grateful that we are friends. Cherish your friend(s) folks.
-Writing. The written word.
-Memory. Memories.
-*Bleeping* Tumblr

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (20)

-For R. for helping me get my medicine. I feel better already.
-For sage. For burning sage (smudging), clearing my energy field, and the living space. Spiritual house cleaning if you will.
-For telling myself the truth and making a tough decision.
-For my temper which led to the truth
-For a roof over my head, food, water.
-For those bus tokens. For only having to use 1 today because the machine was broke and the bus driver let me ride free.
-For the nice/helpful pharmacists at AHF.
Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (15)

For Monica for inviting me on to a fun shoot. For all involved, Nikki, Franceli, and Chris. Good times.
-For a good lunch.
-For the invigorating feeling of being on set again. I love making movies. I love it.
-For recognizing imbalance in a relationship and holding the space of love for this blessed love.
-Accepting my feelings as they come. Then allowing them to pass on through. Fuck repression.
-For my intuition. If my intuition was a person I’d be giving them a HIGH FIVE right now. haha
-For a roof over my head.
-For quietness and my own energy
-For getting stuff done. Tasks completed. I’ve had an incredibly productive day. I need to wind down and recognize I’ve done enough. It’s time to relax.
-For not fasting today and eating more than I normally do. The changes. The really feeling new energy and new life flowing through me is welcome yet with all change, (especially for your Taurus here), it can be unsettling. Not scary per se. The letting go of the past (the end of a cycle) and knowing that things will be different from here on out. I feel brand new. Evan Welcome_Blossom_10.15.18

I am feeling really good and I am thankful for this time and place in my life at this moment. The present. The gift.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (14)

-For Jessica. Great visit. Perfect mediator. Lovingly effortlessly holding space. Friendship.
-For Moon. Clearing the air more. Understanding.

-For myself for being a good communicator. For passing through my frustration and tears, and in the release, feeling peace. Like complete peace through my body/energy field. Lovely. I had realizations about why I was hit by that car. I’ve been asking and asking why? It was definitely about slowing down. To be mindful. To be careful with my steps. To look around. To appreciate my health. The body. Time. Healing. Today though, today I had the realization that it’s changed my life and day to day for a reason. It was like a reset/update.
Even though I felt like things were improving in my life, (they were), some of my patterns of living weren’t serving me any longer. Because I immediately wanted to get better/heal as fast as possible, I started eating better. Asking my body what it needed. Paying attention to how I felt after I ate. Drinking more water, eating vegetables daily, no more dairy, cut back on sugar. A couple of weeks ago I stopped eating candy, donuts. I stopped eating chocolate. I still have a sweet tooth so I did buy a small sock-it-to-me cake but I ate it over the course of days not in a single night. Today I got these cinnamon sliced loaf cakes. But again, I didn’t eat them all. This week I’ll be prioritizing water intake/hydration. But yeh. I can see clearly how much diet has changed because I wanted to heal and be able to walk around, hike down the trail at the Observatory, and just wander around. So what I’m thinking is that it’s not the time to wander so much. It’s time to sit down, be mindful, and do the work I know to do to better my life/life situation. So yeh, I’m thankful for the insight and the review of recent events.

-For art. Practicing art.
-For a roof over my head.
-For letting go of past attitudes and experiences that don’t serve anything anymore. Just letting things go, you know?
-For Tani for helping me see more clearly. My vision is like new. Fresh eyes.
-For Jess for making “I love you” so easy to express verbally. I’m much happier for it.
-Archive of Our Own and all the writers who contribute.
-Life itself. Now.


For those in need.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂