Gratitude-December (2)


-My friend D’lo(ve)💛 was born on this day. He is a gifted human being loving spirit. When we were 18 he inspired me to write my first performance piece. Shooketh my worldeth is a misunderstatement.

Today was about celebrating that fire joy heart light word playing truthtelling love flowing poet energy in which he was born, that energy of his essence that inspires me. Creative flow. Creative love. Creative Friendship. I published/shared a lot, wrote, and recorded today. In honor. Happy Birthday, D,LO! 💞

-clean clothes

-queer love stories

-lovers. People who love.

-a new step by new step

Gratitude-December (1)


-Friendship. Friendship is a gift, an offering of love. Yesterday I was sad,hurt, upset about the sudden loss of a potential romantic something. Today I recognize the gift being presented.

-writing. I couldn’t have gotten to that thought or way forward so fast if not for writing it out. Various outlets of expression, snippets, recordings, poems, musings, helped me get to the heart of the matter.

-sleep. I slept on and off for close to 12 hours.

-chocolate cake


-the fandoms I’m a part of 😁

-lemon pepper tuna