Love Be Like #66

you got it all [but me]: I got it all [but you]:

What we gonna do now what we gon’ do?

take it: make it
Reach forward and hold.
Produce create cause something
to form,
to become.

Not Nothing for Nothing
Yes Something for Something


The Fool & The World
hopeful beginnings::successful completions
Full Circle(s).


Dearly, Queerly
-ones who are love(d)

sincere, faithful, love-filled, kinship





Appreciation-(April 19)

I appreciate my friends, J and Cristina who helped me much this early afternoon. I was spinning! I am emotionally balanced now.
I appreciate Danny for sharing with me, as well as teaching me to mind my own energetic business. Gah!
I appreciate the energy of Libra, balance, justice, love, relationships.
I appreciate myself for all that I am.
I appreciate the abundance and flux of creativity and love flow and letting go.
I appreciate all of you who are reading these words.
Bless. Ta.