I Say, I ∞26

People mistake kindness for weakness. Generosity and humaneness are interpreted as dependency, impracticality, mistrusted. I am one of many who has chosen a path to develop, learn, practice, master, unconditional loving and compassion. This is a path I walk. A part of who I am.

People misunderstand where I’m coming from. People misunderstand me. I’ve never been able to express this satisfactorily until now.

I won’t be less of myself for anyone else. I am my whole self. When I began to transition I didn’t know if I could live in this world and be myself. I’d always felt queer. Queer beyond gender/sexuality.  A Love Mutant. A mutation of love. After I started medical transition, I stopped feeling so queer.  I realized I could never be less than who I was. My entire life has been about being able to live and embody this whole love. I stand in the strength of my wholeness, Lion-Hearted and Light-Hearted I live in this always in motion yin-yang-wholeness.

Gratitude-November (25)


-Andra Day. For the past 5 days or so, her song Rise Up has been in my head. When I’m waking up, meditating, random time throughout my day. I’d heard the song or at least the chorus a couple years ago. I knew of the song is the point. I’ve seen her incredible Grammy Performance with Elle Goulding (2016). The song was in the far far background of my life and now it’s in my every day.

Looking around the vortex YouTube for versions of the song I came across another song she wrote/recorded called, Stand Up For Something, which I also love. Then I came across the viral video of the kids choir who sang Rise Up, which led to watching the video of their performance on Good Morning America. It was super cool to see them get really excited that Ms. Day recorded a video message for them. That led me to The View video where they actually got to sing with Andra Day and later, Common, in a live performance mash up of Rise Up and Stand Up For Something. I’ve played that video at least 5 times today and I’ve rewound to my favorite part probably a dozen times. It’s when she walks over to one of the girls wearing glasses while she’s singing a verse of Stand Up For Something. (2:00) The admiration/enjoyment that Ms. Day shows when the talented, deeply resonant voice of the young girl sings “You can have, you can have everything. But what does it, what does it mean?”, makes me so happy to witness. So yeh, I’m grateful for Ms. Day for her talent and generosity and for all the beautiful young black folks, singing, smiling, and moving with the music🎶 Such joy ❤️👏🏾

-I’m grateful today for J (again and always) who put me on her family plan and got me an Eclipse so I could have a phone with a data plan enabling me the opportunity to work with Rover. Today it’s my only means of internet because where I’m at is temporarily without Wi-Fi access. It’s just been a couple of days. Things are different but it should be back tomorrow or Tuesday. Wild to know how much I rely on Wi-Fi.


-Bold women

-People who send me messages and give “likes” and ❤️s to things I post on various platforms. Thank you all! It means more than I can express.

-Moon’s Yamaha keyboard. I’m teaching myself/learning Bella’s Lullaby. When I get it down I’ll record it and post it.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below ☺️


Gratitude-October (16)

-For the complimentary 3-day pass to the Digital Hollywood Conference. Met smart, passionate, generous people. Attended 3 panels. One about AR (Augmented Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality), one about Social Data and Social Reach in partnership with Hollywood, and the last one was AR/MR in Hollywood and Advertising. Good info in all. Thanks to all the panelists who participated and shared their knowledge/expertise.

-For Amanda who hooked me up with the ticket.
-For K. Jullien for making it happen for us. Very nice.

-For learning things that shifted my way of thinking about storytelling. Ex. Instead of storytelling. Story making. (Thanks Rob!) Now the question is how to create content (story form) for AR? That’s something I’d like to do.

-For learning about data collecting and how it’s utilized in marketing, with brands, with influencers. My favorite panel today.

-For Amanda (again) who told me my brand right away when I asked her while she was driving us back to the apartment. Apparently my brand is Charity, Transparency, Community. She rattled them off so fast I had to ask her to repeat them so I could write them down as to not forget. I just couldn’t think that way and now I understand/accept the concept a bit more. I’ve been confused about the term forever. I didn’t like the idea of branding people. I can understand things/services being brands but not people. I think about branding people as like almost a literal brand on us. Being property and for sale, like cattle, slaves, war prisoners. I know, I know. Dark. But after today I’m opening up and thinking about things differently.

-For The Skirball Cultural Center for being a nice venue. The staff and security were A+ Awesome. Helpful. Skirball_Evergreen_50_10.16.18

-For T. for sharing and informing me of where she’s at. I wish her good luck with everything.
-For my Piano Ballads playlist on Spotify. Love relationship based music. Truly love it!
-For myself for making big changes in my life in the last 2 days.

Me_Day1_Digital Hollywood_Classic_10.16.18

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (9)

-For food. Open Nature chicken sausage, spinach with red pepper, avocado, cucumbers, warm green tea, toasted Coconut Cookie thins (yum), red and green seedless grapes.
-Roof over my head.
-Tumblr Dash/Messenger
-Myself for getting down to the county office to check my mail.


-Los Angeles public transit
*Special thanks to the bus driver who let me ride for free because I got on the wrong bus. He got to his last stop and I was like..uh..when it was time to go I went to put a token in and he waved me on 🙂 So YAY!


Thankful for all the love in my life.
T. for her sweetness, generosity, and for lightening my load.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂