Gratitude-December (29)



-family. My Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and Cousin in law visited yesterday. They drove to LA to visit see me ☺️

We went to lunch. I got to show my paintings. It was cool. My Aunt’s birthday is today! 7 decades complete! She chose 4 paintings of my growing collection. I was so happy to be able to share with her and watch her pick up and touch every piece I’ve made except for the works in progress. It was so cool to see her physically handling the pieces, seeing the differences in the reality of the painting versus photographs I’ve shared over the months. She got to see at least 10-12 that no one besides me has seen. And to hear her interpretations/expressions about the colors and how certain pieces made her feel or think of was really something. So yeh, it was special.

At lunch we all just talked about what stuff has been going on in our lives. It was nice.

-Art/Painting/Creating. I think I’m into my 70s now as far as finished pieces from August until present day. It’s been an incredible almost 5 months on this particular journey. Like I’m so happy doesn’t begin to cover it. 😁