Gratitude-October (12)

-The Sun. The Rain. It was a nice sunny day. Felt nice. Started sprinkling when I was heading back to the apartment just around the time the earth turned away from the sun.

-Walking. It’s slow going. The knee is better. The ankle/foot is getting there. According to my friend the reason why the ankle/foot is hurting now is because it was compensating while my knee was hurt. *sigh* Almost healed up. Hoping in the next couple of weeks I can go hiking again. Well at least down the mountain trail. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

-Free Spotify app. Today’s playlists. Rihanna, a bit of Angel Haze, Frank Ocean

-Food. I ate hours earlier than I usually do. No 16:8 today. Which is fine.

-A place to sleep

-My friend, R. for his presence in my life, for our friendship that spans 27 years (!!!), for his vulnerability, for his mom getting through her unexpected surgery. May her pain go away as soon as possible, for reminding me that what I do/want to do, creating content for people is worthy, important, and potentially comforting.
-J for being steady for 26+ years of friendship. I wouldn’t be the friend I am to many without her shining example.
-T for her generosity, patience, acceptance.
-For my Auntie Deb and Uncle Joe

-My self for doing what I needed to do. For working it out the best I could. For tending to my own business.


Mood. Early Morning. Confused, Angry, Scattered.


Mood. Sorting Through Messy Thoughts/Emotions. Gaining A Higher Perspective.


Mood. After All.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (1)

I’ve decided to do a public gratitude journal this month. At least 3 things I’m grateful and/or thankful for. Please feel free to join me/do the same.  If you’d like to share your gratitude, feel free to post in the comment section below.


Gratitude for myself who has been doing good healing/energy/love work.
Grateful for T.
Grateful for a safe, warm, place to lay down each night. Thankful for the occupants of the house.: A. D. J. and The Sampson.
Grateful for the Dash bus for taking me up to Griffith Park Observatory for 50¢. I wanted to be out in nature, see from a higher perspective, watch the earth turn away from the sun (the sunset). The setting of the day. Earlier I had a tough (for me) conversation but it’s done and we’re heading toward a new day
Thank you to my guidance.
Thank you for intuition.
Thank you for the optometrist who fixed my glasses for me.
Thank you for FB Messenger, email, texts, Twitter DMs, Tumblr messages, phones, Crystal as ways to keep in touch with people. I’ve used all these forms/types of communication today. Yay! Technology.
Grateful for my “Timeless Taurus Love Story” 🙂 ❤



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