Another Golden Moment

I’ve talked about my golden moment before. When I met a girl, time slowed to a golden hue. I fell in love
and changed my life.

That was the beginning of a complex, though still very rewarding path of understanding my childhood and God. God being a path
chosen based on love in the phrase, God is love.

Recently, I wrote her to share my coming out story. Inadvertently and funnily enough, something shifted inside of me. Instead of using that moment as a reference point, to center myself when I have gone through challenging times, over the years since…
now I am my center.

This situation reinforces my long held belief and promotion of the healing power of storytelling. In this instance, sharing my own.

Thank you.

Gratitude-May (7)


-My cousin. Her solar return is today. Her vision and advice is always simply expressed truth. Her loving knowingness I recognize now in deep soul appreation.

-being in touch

-Earth Medicine and ancestral assistance.

-Dead To Me (US Netflix) for surprisingly enjoyable entertainment. I hadn’t heard anything about it but when I watched the preview I immediately wanted to watch it. I’ve only seen the 1st episode because I want to sort of stretch it out if I can.

-Incense. Strawberry, Rose, Baby Powder, Vanilla

-Ahbyanga. And with sesame oil as the base for the massage oil. It truly is one of the things I do daily (mostly daily) that contributes to my overall sense of well being.


-350 consecutive days of meditation. Truly life changing.