Tryin’ Ya’ll

I’ve had a trying week. I tried to fix something that was broken, I tried to get to class..on time. I tried to do all my homework and I got all of it done..minus a class that I dropped and will take next year instead.
Sunday/Monday night I randomly decided to stay at my cousin’s house. I’m sort of house sitting, taking care of the plants, the pond, the fish, making sure the big TV gets watched and so on. At some point in the evening, the floor in the kitchen was wet. I thought that maybe I spilled water while washing dishes. A couple hours later I hear this sort of bubbling sound. I go in the kitchen and water is coming through the floor. When I stepped on 4 of the tiles, water came up while they sunk in.
I called my Aunt. It was close to midnight but luckily she was home!still awake!and answered the phone! She lives maybe 5 minutes away so she came over and we dried the floor, found the source of the water, a plastic tube line coming out of the back of the refrigerator. So maybe the freezer/water hose?

She shut off the two valves under the sink but the water kept spraying from two different tears in the line. We eventually decided to cut off past where the cracks were and reattach the line to the little black connector. We heated up some water on the stove and dipped each side of the tube so it would be more malleable and fit back on the connector. That worked! Until last night around 3am.
Again, randomly? last night (my Thursday/Friday night) I decided to stay over..otherwise I would’ve come into a flooded house today. One side of the tube got a leak and was spraying water. It was pretty awful and I was pretty scared because I was alone. And it was after 3am. I looked on the internet about how to fix it. How to cut off the water supply to the house. It was dark and spider webs and creatures of the night were out. I got in touch with my cousin’s friend who is also helping take care of things around here but he was getting ready to go to work. He sent me a pic of his water valve so I knew what it looked like. I ended up calling the emergency water department number for my city and they hooked me up with an on call guy. I spoke with him on the phone and didn’t want him to come out if he didn’t have to so he talked me through some stuff. I FINALLY found the main water valve and shut it off and the refrigeration line tube trickled down to spraying only a little and then spraying nothing. *sweet relief*
2+ hours and many towels later and I finally was able to sleep.
This morning, when I went to drive home, the oil lamp started flashing right away. It’s been doing so on and off this week. No logic to it. It just starts flashing at some point and then stops altogether. Weird, huh? So I decided to take Champ (my car) to get an oil change. Then I went to Homo Depot, which conveniently was right across the street. I described my problem and the plumbing guy, Chris, told me it was an easy fix. And it was! 😀 I bought a little connector, cut off the tube on each side, inserted the ends into the connector,

img_20160916_191941603 turned back on the main valve, and turned the valves under the sink. Water is flowing again. The kitchen didn’t flood, the fish didn’t die. I feel proud, accomplished, and tired! *sigh*


I have an audio project that needs to be edited/put together that is due Monday and I really need to be working on it. It will get done but I think my partner is freaking out. Wish me luck!

School Update

I like being a student. More specifically, I am enjoying being a film student. This is my 2nd semester at my school. My major is Film with a concentration in Digital Film/Video Production. I haven’t been at all excited about this term. When people asked me over break what classes I was taking, I honestly could barely remember. At the time I signed up for classes I was in the midst of final projects and I remember two of the classes I wanted were already closed and I had to get on the waiting list.

This is the 3rd week of a 16 week term. My schedule was finalized last week. I dropped two classes and added one and I am happy with the results. I think it’s going to be a good semester. I am taking Audio Production (a lecture class with a lab to be determined), Avant Garde Cinema, Writing Short Scripts for Film/Video  and Communications and American Culture. I am excited for the screen writing class. This was a class I was waitlisted for and I got in. There were 4 of us on the waitlist and 3 spots. I’m glad I was one of the ones let it.  It’s going to be a lot of writing but I’ll have a better understanding of screenwriting in a few short weeks and hopefully, at least one script that I’ll be able to produce this summer/fall. The Coms + American Culture class is going to be an interesting one. We’re watching S4 of The Wire and there will be discussions and writings based on the series. I missed last week due to illness so I still need to watch the 2nd episode before class on Thursday.

Being sick at the beginning of term sucks. I started not feeling well on Friday 1/29 and just started feeling better on Saturday 2/6. I still have a little bit of a cough and not quite back to doing yoga yet but luckily for me, I’m not too far behind in my school work. All my homework assignments are done but I have about 90 pages of readings this week!

Just finished my 22 pages of reading for Avant Garde Cinema and feel really happy. Tomorrow will be the 1st real lecture. Class was canceled last week because the Professor had a dental emergency.

All in all I am looking forward to learning all that I’ll learn this semester. Maybe because I have my health back, I am just feeling happier and more optimistic in general. Whatever the reason, I’m just going to enjoy this feeling.

Now, off to watch X-Files S10E04. I hope it was a good one.