Gratitude-August (7/8)


-For the day

-For doing exactly as I please with it

-For the gift of time.

-For watching things for the 1st time. There’s only that one first time you know? ☺️

For Jupiter Ascending, which I really enjoyed except for one part of the ending. I’m glad that bad reviews don’t deter me. They warn but don’t stop! Ha!

-For Coco! Tonight my roommate and I watched Coco. Some of my people have avoided this movie because everyone said it would make us cry. I’m glad I finally watched. Much different than I expected. Beautiful all the way around. Great storytelling. So much heart. I’ll watch it again soon. But with Spanish-language and English subtitles. I wish I could’ve seen it in theaters. If ever I get the chance I will!

-For the word family. I’ve been asking myself for weeks, what is family? I have been experiencing immense internal conflict about my maternal family. There are painful truths I am facing.

-For painful truths. Because healing is happening.

-For soul stretching. Loving expansion.

-For shot day! I marvel sometimes at how such a small amount of hormones has changed my life so much.

-For one of the end title cards in Coco:

To the people across time who supported and inspired us

For those across time and space who support and inspire me,

Thank you.

Gratitude-November (19)


-Testosterone. Today was shot day! Over 9 years and I’m still so grateful for HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

-Ao3 (Archive of Our Own) and all the fan fiction writers who give their time, words, imaginations, stories, to us. My life would be..I don’t even know what it would be like without them. I don’t want to know. My main ships:  Supercorp/Kara&Lena, Clexa/Clarke&Lexa, Agentcorp/Alex&Lena, SwanQueen/Emma&Regina.

-My Kindle Voyage which I use mainly to read all the fics.

-Doctor Who. I’m loving the 11th series. I’m almost caught up. Even though I haven’t caught up yet, I rewatched 11×02 today. I enjoyed it even more than the first time. I like how many questions the 13th asks. Maybe it’s always been this way but I notice it more with Jodie Whittaker for some reason. I think of myself as a kid, always asking questions. I still do. All the time. Just not aloud.

-Family and Friends.

-Unexpected creativity.

Sam-November 2018

I walked Sampson today.

He got a new collar for his birthday last month. I took a pic of him on the walk today and zoomed in on his collar.

Leash Ribbon_OGLayout_1_11.19.18

Later, I started playing with the image and this is one of the pictures I created.

Recently I’ve been wanting to replace the main icon image for this blog. It’s been the same for nearly 9 years. I found it in a random search.

original_blog icon_stock image

I love the imagery of water fire. Feeling Passion.

Now I’ve made an original, I’m feeling much better. I’m pleased with it and pleased with myself.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂