Appreciation-(April 21)

I appreciate my friends. Especially the ones that I’ve been interacting with recently. You uplift me. My heart feels safe with you.
I appreciate the content creators that entertain, provide rest, representation, love, sharing of new to me perspectives. Shout out to recent watches, “Special” and “Mortified Guide” on Netflix.
I appreciate social media and the ability to communicate with and share information from all over the world in an instant. Glorious.
I appreciate the changes I’m experiencing and witnessing within, with people I know, and strangers. So much is happening/shifting. Gah! Inner stuff shining through for the sake of clarity, release, realignment.
I appreciate Marie Kondo for introducing me to, What sparks joy?
I appreciate the humanness of humanity.
What is something or someone you appreciate?
If it’s a someone, they’d love to know it from you.
So many people, so many of us, feel under-appreciated.


Gratitude-March (7)


-Supportive and encouraging friends/family. Many good messages today.

-Me.  I amazed myself today. I reached out to a director I admire about mentorship. He got back to me pretty much right away. He’s from the UK and I’m in the US. He said that informal shadowing doesn’t really happen anymore due to insurance and budget things. There is more of a formal system there now. I thanked him and will now check out things here in the US. I’m in LA.
I feel so HAPPY and PROUD of myself for doing this.  I’ve wanted to since last August. I was just scared and insecure. Now I don’t have to be. Weight lifted. *does a little happy dance*

-My good fortune
-Russian Doll. I watched it again over the past couple of days. It was even better. I just really love(d) it.
-Spiderman – Into The Spiderverse! ❤
-Clean underwear. Clean socks
-My two feet.
-My left knee is feeling a little better than yesterday. Less pain.
-Food benefits
-The ability to sit with frustration, accept it, and choose another vibration. Joy.

A goal:  Shadow a professional director of a web/tv series from pre-production of an episode through completion.

A goal: To find a Director willing to be a mentor to me.

A goal: To work/earn a livable wage as a Director for film, tv, web, video games, ar/vr.

I’ve been directing one-act plays since I age 16. I’ve wanted to be a director since age 13. Being a director is a childhood dream that I began to pursue again in 2015 at age 37. Never too late!

The past 3+years I’ve learned a lot, made some short films/videos, had some setbacks but always moving forward. Steady. To be able to do this work I enjoy, that I’m absolutely designed for, and get paid for it, is where it’s at.  Wish me luck!

What sparks Joy in you?
What are you Grateful for?