Gratitude-November (8)

-For crayons, coloring, and creation.
-For seeking fairness and balance in a relationship extending to all aspects of my life.
-For the awareness of the need to release expectations in regards to myself.
-For recognition of high standards I set for myself and how that bleeds into other aspects and relationships in my life.
-For correction and admitting mistakes.
-For the piano.
-For letting all that doesn’t serve my highest good go.
-For choosing love and allowing the energy and flow of love to be a measurement for the decisions I make here on out.
-For accepting that I’ll slip up but ultimately choose love again and again and again..
-For J. For Moon, for insight/friendship.
-For T for lessons learned.
-For good food choices today.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (17)

-For all that I learned today. Especially about the cannabis industry. I’ll go more into this another day when I have more brain power. It’s been a long day. Awesome and long. Day 2 is finished.
-For the people I connected with. Lawyers, Scientists, Filmmakers, Community activists, Digital Media makers, Journalists, Advocates, Doctors, Veterans, and so many entrepreneurs! I am going to create a media company someday. Today shows me more than
I am thankful and privileged to even be in this space. Grateful for Karene and Amanda for hooking me up.
-For the bus tokens that I found when I took out the trash a few weeks ago. They’ve come in handy this week. The trip to Skirball is average 90 min of travel. 2 buses. I use only one token and use my TapCard to get a transfer. So instead of the 4 tokens I thought I’d use in a day, I’ve only had to use 1 each way.
-For myself for being bold and talking to people about lgbtq media and why representation is needed. The #1 reason is that it saves lives. Every piece of queer media saves lives.
-For 150 consecutive days of meditation. I rock.
-For allyship
-For community
-For the gifts Felicia gave me.
-For a roof over my head, a comfy place to rest my head, and food to eat.
-For t-b-a ❤

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (16)

-For the complimentary 3-day pass to the Digital Hollywood Conference. Met smart, passionate, generous people. Attended 3 panels. One about AR (Augmented Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality), one about Social Data and Social Reach in partnership with Hollywood, and the last one was AR/MR in Hollywood and Advertising. Good info in all. Thanks to all the panelists who participated and shared their knowledge/expertise.

-For Amanda who hooked me up with the ticket.
-For K. Jullien for making it happen for us. Very nice.

-For learning things that shifted my way of thinking about storytelling. Ex. Instead of storytelling. Story making. (Thanks Rob!) Now the question is how to create content (story form) for AR? That’s something I’d like to do.

-For learning about data collecting and how it’s utilized in marketing, with brands, with influencers. My favorite panel today.

-For Amanda (again) who told me my brand right away when I asked her while she was driving us back to the apartment. Apparently my brand is Charity, Transparency, Community. She rattled them off so fast I had to ask her to repeat them so I could write them down as to not forget. I just couldn’t think that way and now I understand/accept the concept a bit more. I’ve been confused about the term forever. I didn’t like the idea of branding people. I can understand things/services being brands but not people. I think about branding people as like almost a literal brand on us. Being property and for sale, like cattle, slaves, war prisoners. I know, I know. Dark. But after today I’m opening up and thinking about things differently.

-For The Skirball Cultural Center for being a nice venue. The staff and security were A+ Awesome. Helpful. Skirball_Evergreen_50_10.16.18

-For T. for sharing and informing me of where she’s at. I wish her good luck with everything.
-For my Piano Ballads playlist on Spotify. Love relationship based music. Truly love it!
-For myself for making big changes in my life in the last 2 days.

Me_Day1_Digital Hollywood_Classic_10.16.18

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


School Update

I like being a student. More specifically, I am enjoying being a film student. This is my 2nd semester at my school. My major is Film with a concentration in Digital Film/Video Production. I haven’t been at all excited about this term. When people asked me over break what classes I was taking, I honestly could barely remember. At the time I signed up for classes I was in the midst of final projects and I remember two of the classes I wanted were already closed and I had to get on the waiting list.

This is the 3rd week of a 16 week term. My schedule was finalized last week. I dropped two classes and added one and I am happy with the results. I think it’s going to be a good semester. I am taking Audio Production (a lecture class with a lab to be determined), Avant Garde Cinema, Writing Short Scripts for Film/Video  and Communications and American Culture. I am excited for the screen writing class. This was a class I was waitlisted for and I got in. There were 4 of us on the waitlist and 3 spots. I’m glad I was one of the ones let it.  It’s going to be a lot of writing but I’ll have a better understanding of screenwriting in a few short weeks and hopefully, at least one script that I’ll be able to produce this summer/fall. The Coms + American Culture class is going to be an interesting one. We’re watching S4 of The Wire and there will be discussions and writings based on the series. I missed last week due to illness so I still need to watch the 2nd episode before class on Thursday.

Being sick at the beginning of term sucks. I started not feeling well on Friday 1/29 and just started feeling better on Saturday 2/6. I still have a little bit of a cough and not quite back to doing yoga yet but luckily for me, I’m not too far behind in my school work. All my homework assignments are done but I have about 90 pages of readings this week!

Just finished my 22 pages of reading for Avant Garde Cinema and feel really happy. Tomorrow will be the 1st real lecture. Class was canceled last week because the Professor had a dental emergency.

All in all I am looking forward to learning all that I’ll learn this semester. Maybe because I have my health back, I am just feeling happier and more optimistic in general. Whatever the reason, I’m just going to enjoy this feeling.

Now, off to watch X-Files S10E04. I hope it was a good one.