I Dream of you, my future

I dream of you, my future
child(ren) times together, outside, green, questions, wild expression, laughter, thoughtfulness, the heaviness of sleep and trust, the playful pumpkins carved, baking goods (to be shared), any fun thing I feel
They are romantic, these feelings. A carrot promise. A life so full, teeming, with care and wholeness, For too long I’d been living enforced Solitary. Discipline, my constant companion. A visiting Doubt. A bedded Hope. A wrestling Surrender. I know awareness, grateful gratitude this time. This unlikely place from my own experience. A future with you now though I know I may only claim you in this poem where we be unsullied, abstract. This dream will only be real with you. I love you as much as I can now. These are a few of my hopedreamwishthoughts. May they gently lap. May they be firm and give. I know our creations are beyond my baby comprehension.