Appreciation-(April 21)

I appreciate my friends. Especially the ones that I’ve been interacting with recently. You uplift me. My heart feels safe with you.
I appreciate the content creators that entertain, provide rest, representation, love, sharing of new to me perspectives. Shout out to recent watches, “Special” and “Mortified Guide” on Netflix.
I appreciate social media and the ability to communicate with and share information from all over the world in an instant. Glorious.
I appreciate the changes I’m experiencing and witnessing within, with people I know, and strangers. So much is happening/shifting. Gah! Inner stuff shining through for the sake of clarity, release, realignment.
I appreciate Marie Kondo for introducing me to, What sparks joy?
I appreciate the humanness of humanity.
What is something or someone you appreciate?
If it’s a someone, they’d love to know it from you.
So many people, so many of us, feel under-appreciated.


Gratitude-November (30)


-New toothbrush. I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve changed my toothbrush. But yeh..glad to have a new one.

-My FB friend for the 😎🎁 Much appreciated.

-J for messaging with me today, even though she’s a mom of 3, had work stuff, and is on the other side of the country, she helped me feel anchored/rooted, enabling me the opportunity to make sense of my day and the place I am at currently in my life.

-Following my instincts. Moving through the little bit of fear I have regarding a base need. How to be secure when what has been given can be so easily taken away?

-Recognizing that this fear is a complete waste of energy. A misuse of imagination. Nothing has happened and I’ll deal if necessary.

-My bedtime clothes.

-Sleepiness. Sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy but I shall rest tonight.

-LA Public Library. Peaceful. Afternoon reading and writing.

-Being closer to moving on from transient status. Looking forward to this change!

-warmed up chocolate cake

-hot lemon water

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Moon and Danny have been watching it. Good background show. Many laughs. They are on Season 5, my favorite.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊


Gratitude-October (15)

For Monica for inviting me on to a fun shoot. For all involved, Nikki, Franceli, and Chris. Good times.
-For a good lunch.
-For the invigorating feeling of being on set again. I love making movies. I love it.
-For recognizing imbalance in a relationship and holding the space of love for this blessed love.
-Accepting my feelings as they come. Then allowing them to pass on through. Fuck repression.
-For my intuition. If my intuition was a person I’d be giving them a HIGH FIVE right now. haha
-For a roof over my head.
-For quietness and my own energy
-For getting stuff done. Tasks completed. I’ve had an incredibly productive day. I need to wind down and recognize I’ve done enough. It’s time to relax.
-For not fasting today and eating more than I normally do. The changes. The really feeling new energy and new life flowing through me is welcome yet with all change, (especially for your Taurus here), it can be unsettling. Not scary per se. The letting go of the past (the end of a cycle) and knowing that things will be different from here on out. I feel brand new. Evan Welcome_Blossom_10.15.18

I am feeling really good and I am thankful for this time and place in my life at this moment. The present. The gift.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂