Gratitude-October (22)

-Felicia for the job leads.

-Brett for being generous with his career advice and for calling an uber for me to get back to Los Feliz.

-For the adventures of going to places I’ve never been before via public transit. I took the metro (subway) to the end of the purple line (North Hollywood) then had to figure out how to get to the 901 bus. Which actually ended up being like a shuttle on the orange line. Or is the orange line. I don’t know really. The transit center was confusing. I ended up having to ask security. I actually needed to cross the street and then I found myself on the wrong side of the pickup. Thanks to everyone who I asked for help who actually helped me find what I needed to make it where I needed to go.

-For decisions made. For major life changes.

-For A. Moon who has been a champion in my life the 15 months I’ve been fortunate to know her.

-For myself for practicing drawing today. Started with a blind contour drawing of my hand sanitizer. Then ended up doing some freestyle moon phase drawings. Good times.

-For all the people all over the world who are fighting for Trans Rights, human rights. Special shot out to people, friends, family, celebrities, television networks, organizations, who have been very vocal the past two days in media. Thank you.

Thanks to all the people who reached out to me personally to offer words of solidarity, encouragement, hope. Much love ❤

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



Regarding Scout Schultz: The Trigger Effect

“This is one of the best investigated, most important longform journalism pieces I’ve ever read around LGBTQ issues. It’s well worth your time.” -Heather Hogan

I agree.
I read the whole thing before sharing. Forewarning, it is a long read.

For your efforts to bring this to the public, many thanks to Hallie Lieberman, Professor of Journalism at Georgia Tech, for writing this piece.
Editor: Seyward Darby
Designer: Jefferson Rabb
Fact Checker: Matt Giles
Copy Editor: Sean Cooper
Photographer: Annalise Kaylor

We Love You In Your Struggles and Triumphs

I’ve been stressed about career stuff. Though we were able to get a trailer out, we are going to have to reshoot Forward.

Also, I’ve been feeling stressed about life stuff/money stuff, and as per usual for me, my ability to sleep is the first to go, therefore my physical health/immune system is compromised. Right now I’m in the midst of a cold?/not feeling well but will be able to get some uninterrupted rest soon.

My 40th birthday is tomorrow and life is so different than I thought it would be and I’ve been feeling embarrassed? not good about myself in general.
I’ve been catching up with my Auntie Deb and this afternoon she wrote me a very supportive and encouraging email. The part that I love the most is what I wanted to share with you all. Speaking for her and my awesome Uncle Joe she wrote:
“We love you in your struggles and triumphs!”
And this was so important for me to read at this time. Because this is honestly how I feel about all of my friends and most everyone I encounter.
For everyone reading this, who may be going through some similar issues:

Your circumstances are not you. Your circumstances are temporary and for certain don’t determine your worth.

You are loved.

Always ❤