Sometimes Your Body

This is a not safe for work type of entry. Content Warning: Sex, Sexuality, Control

Sometimes your body is just getting what it needs/doing what it needs to do.  It’s out of your control. Tears, crying, laughing, can come up. I remember I was with this woman when I was like 24. We had a lot of sex. Like a lot. Like fucking all weekend kind of sex most every weekend for months. One time I was cumming so hard. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. They weren’t gentle rolling orgasms. They were rock you to your core, out of your body orgasms. They changed me. That experience changed me. The woman was so proud of herself afterward. That night we went to a tattoo place and I got my belly button pierced. In my mind it was about reclaiming my body. We had been together for maybe 4 months but I wasn’t in love with her. And I had shared? something huge with her, but because it wasn’t love based I felt something was taken from me. I felt betrayed by my body in a way. The belly button piercing took years to heal. Took years to stop feeling irritated.