Gratitude-November (18)


-Chill day


-Fresh clean feeling

-Earth, Wind & Fire Pandora station

-Nausea easing up

-The cute guy in the check out line that totally validated my purchase of a slice of carrot cake past 2300. He said he’d want someone to do the same for him 😍*swoons*

-Pubic hair cut.

-Shaved head. Shaved face.

-Being introduced to this idea:

Act as if your partner is here whether you have someone or not.
Act as if they are here with you so you will always consider them.
Act like you have a partner and it’s the partner you want to have.

I think/feel this is interesting. Especially at this time when I’m thinking about partnership, commitment, building/creating a happy life.
What do you think/how do you feel about this?

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