I Cannot Accept That This Is Real Life

Something will happen in the next few weeks.

Trump_on_Matt_Lauer 11/29/17

Why is he still in Office? He is clearly unwell. Lastly, he should absolutely be banned from having a Twitter account.

Pence will be President, even though successors to the Presidency, (most of our current administration), I believe are also guilty of treason.
We (the people) will not hold special elections because “Pride and Embarrassment”.
We’ll limp along and be so so so clever with our 2020 election slogans and it’ll take years to “Make America Great” (again).
And that’ll be the language used because as an undereducated republic, conditioned as consumers rather than citizens, the rhetoric will comfort, appeal to our egos, and serve to protect our psyches.

This is as cheery as I can be today.