Sometimes Your Body

This is a not safe for work type of entry. Content Warning: Sex, Sexuality, Control

Sometimes your body is just getting what it needs/doing what it needs to do.  It’s out of your control. Tears, crying, laughing, can come up. I remember I was with this woman when I was like 24. We had a lot of sex. Like a lot. Like fucking all weekend kind of sex most every weekend for months. One time I was cumming so hard. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. They weren’t gentle rolling orgasms. They were rock you to your core, out of your body orgasms. They changed me. That experience changed me. The woman was so proud of herself afterward. That night we went to a tattoo place and I got my belly button pierced. In my mind it was about reclaiming my body. We had been together for maybe 4 months but I wasn’t in love with her. And I had shared? something huge with her, but because it wasn’t love based I felt something was taken from me. I felt betrayed by my body in a way. The belly button piercing took years to heal. Took years to stop feeling irritated.

Love Be Like #43

“It’s like you’re my mirror. My mirror staring back at me”.
-“Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

I am thinking about love today and how we mirror that love for each other.

All of us are mirrors for one another. And that is our loving service to each other. It is like we are place holders for the other.

And sometimes if someone is flipping out or blaming you/others for what is going on with them in their lives, you have to step back and realize it really is all about them. It is their perspective and how they view themselves. And we remember and know it is not about us at all. But sometimes it is.

Sometimes it is an issue you both share and it is there for you to see and not run away from. It is directly staring you in the face.

Sometimes the other is holding heart space for you (even if it is unconscious) to help you see who you are and where you are, whether that be deemed “good” or “bad”.

And sometimes when you love someone..the beginning love, the in it love, the shifting/changing love, the lover’s love, the so many ways of love.. that someone… the belove(d), reflects your love to you and you reflect their love to them and it is expansive, like mirrors facing each other that go on and on and on into greater and greater depth.