What Is My Body Saying?

My body is trying to rid itself of somethings. My body is trying to for a state of homeostasis. I’m rooting for it.

This all started with nausea and I still feel it. My eyes feel tired and irritated, both ears feel achy, my body hurts, I feel a bit of mucous movement in my chest and throat, I threw up a little early this morning and almost again about 20 minutes ago. I hate throwing up. I cried a very little. Ever since I was a little kid when I’m sick to my stomach, I cry.

How do I know I’m sick besides all those symptoms?

Because I don’t want to be in bed. I want to do stuff. Like ride my bike to the Library or..honestly that’s way too ambitious. Maybe at this point I’d just like to sit up for a bit and not feel all hurty. I’ve brushed my teeth though and was going to hop in the shower but I’m exhausted. I’ve made a cup of camomile tea and I’m going to do my best to drink it.

In between resting today, I may watch some old episodes of Dollhouse on Netflix. Or maybe I’ll watch Happy Valley or Criminal Minds.

I hope this is just a one day thing.  I really do.