Gratitude-May (7)


-My cousin. Her solar return is today. Her vision and advice is always simply expressed truth. Her loving knowingness I recognize now in deep soul appreation.

-being in touch

-Earth Medicine and ancestral assistance.

-Dead To Me (US Netflix) for surprisingly enjoyable entertainment. I hadn’t heard anything about it but when I watched the preview I immediately wanted to watch it. I’ve only seen the 1st episode because I want to sort of stretch it out if I can.

-Incense. Strawberry, Rose, Baby Powder, Vanilla

-Ahbyanga. And with sesame oil as the base for the massage oil. It truly is one of the things I do daily (mostly daily) that contributes to my overall sense of well being.


-350 consecutive days of meditation. Truly life changing.

Gratitude-November (21)


-Good solid storytelling for visual media. I’ve been watching The Haunting of Hill House today (Netflix), with time in between to sleep and run errands. Gonna start episode 10 soon. I’ve LOVED it so far. I’m surely going to rewatch it. Everyone involved should be very proud of this work. Kudos to Mike Flanagan for his vision.


-Sam for cuddling up

-Food indulgences

-The unexpected change in weather. I’m usually all about 78 to 82 degrees, blue skies, but this evening with the drizzle/light ran mixed with my Eldar station on Pandora have been perfect.

-Danny for texting me just now to say he’d be back soon. I locked myself out about 2hrs ago 😔 *I’m in. Changed in my warm pajamas. Yay! 

-Nice neighbor for letting me in the building about 40 min ago. I’m a bit damp and cold but at least I’m inside.

-Access to the Wi-Fi network from the hallway. And still being able to hear the music. We leave music on for Sam when no one is home.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-November (13)

-Poop. Pooping. Prune Juice. Thank you nature! It had been 3 days. Like wtf!?!
-Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleeping. Yawn. 😴
-Moon. We worked together in the wee hours this morning (5+), proofing a friend’s pilot. I ❤️ doing this kind of stuff with her. Polishing scripts.
-R.Watkins, writer extraordinaire, for trusting us with her work.
-My iPad mini 4 which I very much use every day.
-My naked earlobes. Getting some alone time. (No plugs for the night)
-Jojoba oil

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂