Gratitude-October (15)

For Monica for inviting me on to a fun shoot. For all involved, Nikki, Franceli, and Chris. Good times.
-For a good lunch.
-For the invigorating feeling of being on set again. I love making movies. I love it.
-For recognizing imbalance in a relationship and holding the space of love for this blessed love.
-Accepting my feelings as they come. Then allowing them to pass on through. Fuck repression.
-For my intuition. If my intuition was a person I’d be giving them a HIGH FIVE right now. haha
-For a roof over my head.
-For quietness and my own energy
-For getting stuff done. Tasks completed. I’ve had an incredibly productive day. I need to wind down and recognize I’ve done enough. It’s time to relax.
-For not fasting today and eating more than I normally do. The changes. The really feeling new energy and new life flowing through me is welcome yet with all change, (especially for your Taurus here), it can be unsettling. Not scary per se. The letting go of the past (the end of a cycle) and knowing that things will be different from here on out. I feel brand new. Evan Welcome_Blossom_10.15.18

I am feeling really good and I am thankful for this time and place in my life at this moment. The present. The gift.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (8)

For a talk with my Aunt (who is healing well from a car accident from mid summer) that led to me really standing in my integrity as far as family situations and gatherings go.

Thanks to T. for being someone I feel like I can share the hard stuff with. Whose been a true friend in the last couple of days, helping me see situations and people in my life more clearly. I’m grateful for her every day.

Self love.Me_Collage_Bathroom_Curtain_10.08.18

Doing what I need to do first. ex. shower, self massage, meditate, before I do other things, like check social media or do something for someone else that “appears” to be more important.  It’s cool to actually be living it! Intuition is strong and developing. Learning to trust my gut (the 2nd brain) to guide me. I’m in a space like

Oprah Listening_SoWhatIsTheTruth

So what is the truth?

Being able to prepare my own meals and nurture myself in this way

For meeting goals AND allowing the day to unfold as is. Going with the flow.

Thank you Taurus Soulmate (Ray of Light Tarot) reading. Great energy! 

For the abundance of fanfiction in my life. I love every single writer who tries/publishes. Thank you all.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂