Gratitude-November (1)

-Divine Love, Divine Trust, Divine Justice
-My phone. Thanks J. Texting T.
-Sudden insight
-Graciousness. My name’s sake.
-Musicals. I will write at least one.
-Spotify generated playlists
-CosmicMoonChild Tarot1111
-Art practice
-Starting 2 things I’ve been putting off for months. Since summer y’all! Since summer. But today I started them and I feel very good about that.
-Productivity. Revision and Summary
-Focus and Concentration
-Wandering nature. Wandering spirit.
-Junk food. Giving into cravings. Chips, chocolate cake, brownies. I have had a little of each. [I’m going to get a Dr Pepper soon. I have cucumbers in the fridge seasoned with Tajin that I’ll have later with Vegan Blue Cheese dressing..if I want. I’ve drank a lot of water today but tonight the cravings were for crunchy salty soft sugary chocolate, and caffeine.]
-Love. I’m learning so much right now about love. How to love someone specifically. How to better love myself. They teach me that. I am fortunate to be growing this way with such a beautiful soul.
-Friendship. Grateful for my friends. Grateful that we are friends. Cherish your friend(s) folks.
-Writing. The written word.
-Memory. Memories.
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Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (16)

-For the complimentary 3-day pass to the Digital Hollywood Conference. Met smart, passionate, generous people. Attended 3 panels. One about AR (Augmented Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality), one about Social Data and Social Reach in partnership with Hollywood, and the last one was AR/MR in Hollywood and Advertising. Good info in all. Thanks to all the panelists who participated and shared their knowledge/expertise.

-For Amanda who hooked me up with the ticket.
-For K. Jullien for making it happen for us. Very nice.

-For learning things that shifted my way of thinking about storytelling. Ex. Instead of storytelling. Story making. (Thanks Rob!) Now the question is how to create content (story form) for AR? That’s something I’d like to do.

-For learning about data collecting and how it’s utilized in marketing, with brands, with influencers. My favorite panel today.

-For Amanda (again) who told me my brand right away when I asked her while she was driving us back to the apartment. Apparently my brand is Charity, Transparency, Community. She rattled them off so fast I had to ask her to repeat them so I could write them down as to not forget. I just couldn’t think that way and now I understand/accept the concept a bit more. I’ve been confused about the term forever. I didn’t like the idea of branding people. I can understand things/services being brands but not people. I think about branding people as like almost a literal brand on us. Being property and for sale, like cattle, slaves, war prisoners. I know, I know. Dark. But after today I’m opening up and thinking about things differently.

-For The Skirball Cultural Center for being a nice venue. The staff and security were A+ Awesome. Helpful. Skirball_Evergreen_50_10.16.18

-For T. for sharing and informing me of where she’s at. I wish her good luck with everything.
-For my Piano Ballads playlist on Spotify. Love relationship based music. Truly love it!
-For myself for making big changes in my life in the last 2 days.

Me_Day1_Digital Hollywood_Classic_10.16.18

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (10)

-Sia. Her music. Spotify’s Sia Playlist
-Being a good reminder for many people today
-Getting that Sock-It-To Me cake. Though I’ve yet to have a slice. I’ve been debating to get it for like 3 or 4 days. At least that back and forth is over.
-My brother. I love and respect him to make choices for himself that serve his highest good. His right is to live what is right for him at any given moment.
-Sleep! I passed out for 3 hours in the early evening.  Out of nowhere. I must have needed it.
-Water. I’m parched. At least there’s a lot of water here.
-my electronic devices, especially those that allow me to play music
-For inspiration, T.
-For my own two feet

I am grateful to be alive. All the times that I didn’t want to be here anymore seem distant. Far far away. Maybe because I understand the “why” of it now

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂