Gratitude-October (23)

-For knowing
-For risk
-For self
-For moderation, balance, harmony in all things
-For long showers
-For experiencing love in new ways. It’s not easy at all. Like I can’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling and what I’m learning. Peaceful in my heart, frustrated mildly in my mind. In need of comfort, I’m lonely tonight so I’ll end now with this: I am thankful for being able to feel to this capacity period. Good things are coming my way. I feel it.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


LGBTQ Pride Month June 2016


When we say we have pride in ourselves, we are not trying to sound arrogant or trying to put down those who are not bisexual, gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, etc. We are trying to show our strength and solidarity. LGBTQ pride is about inciting understanding and (self) acceptance.
We have been questioned and accused, abused, diminished, and dismissed, throughout history. We have been told that we are deficient and defective, that we are either mentally ill or dealing with residual emotional baggage brought on by childhood tragedy. It’s assumed that our misguidance or rebellion can be fixed through therapy and that we will eventually abandon our “lifestyle” and become heterosexual.
Pride is a deliberate attempt to equalize society.
Pride is a statement, an attitude, and a decision.
Pride is the desire and ability to be brave even though we have been told all our lives that we are less of a person because we’re LGBTQ people. Pride is our response to a world that dehumanizes us. And if your response is Straight Pride, you’re missing the point entirely.
-Shane Jordan + my own words/thoughts

StraightPride_Memegay-pride_Be happy You don't need one

Straight Pride, Really? by Shane Jordan