Gratitude-July (22)


-Stubbornness. My absolute stubbornness.
-Friends on the other end of a text or message.
-My life. Myself.
-Understanding. Or almost understanding
-BSG. Seriously. It’s my favorite show to watch when things are rough. I don’t know why . Just grateful that it exists and that such care went into the making of the show. The characters, their relationship, the production design, especially the actual Battlestar Galactica set, the music, the camerawork, the ideas it explores, the brilliant, absolutely brilliant actors.

Gratitude-December (3)


-Seeing new parts of the city.

-Pinkie Washington for her advice and sharing.

– 35¢ bus rides. I went to a part of town–Hollywood and Vine–for 70¢ roundtrip!

I saw a bunch of stars’ stars while walking the street. Michael Jackson, Billy Dee Williams, Angela Lansbury. There were empty stars in between some. Which means there is space for me! 😜😁😊


-J for helping me today.

In my head right now is a line from the 1st movie in the newest reboot of Star Trek. “Speak your mind Spock.” and also the song How Many Mics by the Fugees.

Translates for me as, Speak your truth.

I’m thankful for those creations for making such an impression in my life 🤗✌🏾

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊


Gratitude-November (15)


-making the “what I’ve learned” post

-Jymi for checking in with me. Sharing. Listening.

-Moon for being an excellent friend. For sharing her creativity and perspective. For having my back.

-Myself for listening to what I need. I choose what’s best.

-M. who met me for a hug and offered to walk to the store with me 😊

-Leftover carrot cake

-Righteous anger

-Hope, possibilities, life-changing events


-Knowing the differences between the need for connection, for comfort, for physical connection, the desire for sexual union, romantic love, etc.


Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (20)

-For R. for helping me get my medicine. I feel better already.
-For sage. For burning sage (smudging), clearing my energy field, and the living space. Spiritual house cleaning if you will.
-For telling myself the truth and making a tough decision.
-For my temper which led to the truth
-For a roof over my head, food, water.
-For those bus tokens. For only having to use 1 today because the machine was broke and the bus driver let me ride free.
-For the nice/helpful pharmacists at AHF.
Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (17)

-For all that I learned today. Especially about the cannabis industry. I’ll go more into this another day when I have more brain power. It’s been a long day. Awesome and long. Day 2 is finished.
-For the people I connected with. Lawyers, Scientists, Filmmakers, Community activists, Digital Media makers, Journalists, Advocates, Doctors, Veterans, and so many entrepreneurs! I am going to create a media company someday. Today shows me more than
I am thankful and privileged to even be in this space. Grateful for Karene and Amanda for hooking me up.
-For the bus tokens that I found when I took out the trash a few weeks ago. They’ve come in handy this week. The trip to Skirball is average 90 min of travel. 2 buses. I use only one token and use my TapCard to get a transfer. So instead of the 4 tokens I thought I’d use in a day, I’ve only had to use 1 each way.
-For myself for being bold and talking to people about lgbtq media and why representation is needed. The #1 reason is that it saves lives. Every piece of queer media saves lives.
-For 150 consecutive days of meditation. I rock.
-For allyship
-For community
-For the gifts Felicia gave me.
-For a roof over my head, a comfy place to rest my head, and food to eat.
-For t-b-a ❤

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂