Gratitude-May (17) 💝✌🏾💞∞

-For being born. For living.  For endurance. For faith. For my intuition. For my angels, guides, star families. For my ancestors, my friends and family. For earth and the blessing it is to be here. For myself who I’ve always been.

-For the finishing of the first draft of a book I’ve been writing 🙌🏾

-For my readers: Heart to Hearts, I appreciate you all more than words can convey. Thank you for supporting the blog. Your likes, shares, comments, messages, and subscriptions mean the world 💞

Today marks 40+1 years complete. I am grateful to everyone who has shown me love and kindness. I am thankful for having a roof over my head and a full stomach. I am thankful for medicine. I am thankful for the people who work directly with the public. Thank you for your public service. I am thankful for my online communities and the many people I have the good fortune to interact with from all over the world. Thankful every day for social media and technology, allowing us to connect with one another.

I am thankful.

Most definitely looking forward to this new time in life.
Happy New Year to me and all Taurus born and May born babes!
Happy (Fri)day to all reading these words. May your day(s) be abundant with love, laughter, joy, kindness.

Ta, loves.

endojé-love unite(s) us


Gratitude-October (22)

-Felicia for the job leads.

-Brett for being generous with his career advice and for calling an uber for me to get back to Los Feliz.

-For the adventures of going to places I’ve never been before via public transit. I took the metro (subway) to the end of the purple line (North Hollywood) then had to figure out how to get to the 901 bus. Which actually ended up being like a shuttle on the orange line. Or is the orange line. I don’t know really. The transit center was confusing. I ended up having to ask security. I actually needed to cross the street and then I found myself on the wrong side of the pickup. Thanks to everyone who I asked for help who actually helped me find what I needed to make it where I needed to go.

-For decisions made. For major life changes.

-For A. Moon who has been a champion in my life the 15 months I’ve been fortunate to know her.

-For myself for practicing drawing today. Started with a blind contour drawing of my hand sanitizer. Then ended up doing some freestyle moon phase drawings. Good times.

-For all the people all over the world who are fighting for Trans Rights, human rights. Special shot out to people, friends, family, celebrities, television networks, organizations, who have been very vocal the past two days in media. Thank you.

Thanks to all the people who reached out to me personally to offer words of solidarity, encouragement, hope. Much love ❤

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (14)

-For Jessica. Great visit. Perfect mediator. Lovingly effortlessly holding space. Friendship.
-For Moon. Clearing the air more. Understanding.

-For myself for being a good communicator. For passing through my frustration and tears, and in the release, feeling peace. Like complete peace through my body/energy field. Lovely. I had realizations about why I was hit by that car. I’ve been asking and asking why? It was definitely about slowing down. To be mindful. To be careful with my steps. To look around. To appreciate my health. The body. Time. Healing. Today though, today I had the realization that it’s changed my life and day to day for a reason. It was like a reset/update.
Even though I felt like things were improving in my life, (they were), some of my patterns of living weren’t serving me any longer. Because I immediately wanted to get better/heal as fast as possible, I started eating better. Asking my body what it needed. Paying attention to how I felt after I ate. Drinking more water, eating vegetables daily, no more dairy, cut back on sugar. A couple of weeks ago I stopped eating candy, donuts. I stopped eating chocolate. I still have a sweet tooth so I did buy a small sock-it-to-me cake but I ate it over the course of days not in a single night. Today I got these cinnamon sliced loaf cakes. But again, I didn’t eat them all. This week I’ll be prioritizing water intake/hydration. But yeh. I can see clearly how much diet has changed because I wanted to heal and be able to walk around, hike down the trail at the Observatory, and just wander around. So what I’m thinking is that it’s not the time to wander so much. It’s time to sit down, be mindful, and do the work I know to do to better my life/life situation. So yeh, I’m thankful for the insight and the review of recent events.

-For art. Practicing art.
-For a roof over my head.
-For letting go of past attitudes and experiences that don’t serve anything anymore. Just letting things go, you know?
-For Tani for helping me see more clearly. My vision is like new. Fresh eyes.
-For Jess for making “I love you” so easy to express verbally. I’m much happier for it.
-Archive of Our Own and all the writers who contribute.
-Life itself. Now.


For those in need.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂


Gratitude-October (1)

I’ve decided to do a public gratitude journal this month. At least 3 things I’m grateful and/or thankful for. Please feel free to join me/do the same.  If you’d like to share your gratitude, feel free to post in the comment section below.


Gratitude for myself who has been doing good healing/energy/love work.
Grateful for T.
Grateful for a safe, warm, place to lay down each night. Thankful for the occupants of the house.: A. D. J. and The Sampson.
Grateful for the Dash bus for taking me up to Griffith Park Observatory for 50¢. I wanted to be out in nature, see from a higher perspective, watch the earth turn away from the sun (the sunset). The setting of the day. Earlier I had a tough (for me) conversation but it’s done and we’re heading toward a new day
Thank you to my guidance.
Thank you for intuition.
Thank you for the optometrist who fixed my glasses for me.
Thank you for FB Messenger, email, texts, Twitter DMs, Tumblr messages, phones, Crystal as ways to keep in touch with people. I’ve used all these forms/types of communication today. Yay! Technology.
Grateful for my “Timeless Taurus Love Story” 🙂 ❤



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