I Say, I ∞26

People mistake kindness for weakness. Generosity and humaneness are interpreted as dependency, impracticality, mistrusted. I am one of many who has chosen a path to develop, learn, practice, master, unconditional loving and compassion. This is a path I walk. A part of who I am.

People misunderstand where I’m coming from. People misunderstand me. I’ve never been able to express this satisfactorily until now.

I won’t be less of myself for anyone else. I am my whole self. When I began to transition I didn’t know if I could live in this world and be myself. I’d always felt queer. Queer beyond gender/sexuality.  A Love Mutant. A mutation of love. After I started medical transition, I stopped feeling so queer.  I realized I could never be less than who I was. My entire life has been about being able to live and embody this whole love. I stand in the strength of my wholeness, Lion-Hearted and Light-Hearted I live in this always in motion yin-yang-wholeness.

Love Is Not Meant To Be Painful


Love naturally comes from within. Get rid of all your ideas about love, and start to love yourself first, give yourself all the love and attention you need, because if you are not fulfilled, you will start depending on others to feel love. That is exactly why love hurts you because it did not come from within. You never even believed that you can choose to satisfy that feeling within you before seeking it from others. If you are one of those who says things like (I can’t find love yet – i don’t believe in love – I hope one day my love will come – I will fall in love one day) know that you are just looking everywhere but within you! and this is a big mistake. Love yourself a bit more! LOVE your body the way it is, LOVE your personality, LOVE the fact that you exist, remember that the source you came from is pure unconditional LOVE, and then move from there.

LOVE or EGO.  There is this kind of love that came with us when we were born, this pure pain-free love, the one that we forget as we move on, and there is what I call the Ego version of love. When love comes from ego, it does hurt, because when you love someone out of ego, not only you completely depend on them to provide you with love emotions, but also, you expect them to behave in a way that matches your expectations, and when that does not happen, pain shows up. Once you connect to this inner perfect being of light within, you called your true self, you then realize that you are meant to love how unique your partner is because you are unique yourself. What you perceive as painful circumstances becomes joyful. You now feel joyful for how different, and unique your partner is, and you start enjoying your partner the way [S]he is. You will even stop being too physical in the way you perceive others, and instead, you will start seeing the spiritual side of them; the side that represents pure unconditional love.

Love_Is_Not_Meant_To_Be_Painful_Love Is Helathy Good Joyous_LoveWithin_Purpose


What The World Needs Now Is Love

Now is a time for love.

Now is the time To Love:

The World Needs You.

What the world needs now is love.