Gratitude-October (20/21)

-I was able to see my friend in an incredible performance from a beautiful play he wrote about transitioning, called To T, or not To T? It’s playing at the Los Angeles LGBT -Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Arts Center. D’Lo and I hadn’t seen each other in the physical in over a decade but we’ve been friends for 24 years now and I’m just amazed at the people we’ve become. So dang proud.

A brown guy wearing a backwards baseball cap, grey/black baseball shirt, a thin gold chain, holding up a peace sign, smiling with his arm around a shorter brown guy wearing a black beanie, glasses, bluetooth headphones around his neck. He is smiling with his head resting on his friend's shoulder.
D’Lo and Evan

-Guitar practice.
-Glee Cast Radio on Pandora
-For feeling productive and at ease.
-For the feeling of hope.
-For actually pressing “publish” for my gratitude entry from last week. Was surprised it was in the drafts. So funny.
-For the inspiring message that a stranger sent me this morning. Helped with motivation for sure.

Toni Morrison: We Speak Your Name

I just found out. Her work has been a huge influence on me, from the time I was a teenager/young adult. I’m eternally grateful for her love and commitment to telling our stories and being a voice for (a) people.
Rest in Power, Toni Morrison.
Rest in Peace.
1) What was your first Toni Morrison novel?
2) Which is your favorite?
3) Is there one in particular that you consider a “must-read”?
Song of Solomon
4) Which “rocked your world”, “knocked your socks off” “blew your wig off” “threw you for a loop”, inspired you, and/or changed your understanding of yourself and/or others?
Sula and the previously mentioned with the addition of The Bluest Eye